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Track, monitor and enjoy real time data of your business

Save money and increase business processes with cloud based apps.

Enjoy real-time data about every aspect of your business

Have the information you need, whenever you need it.


A business's process that are run poorly or are time consuming can hamper the business's ability to create profit. Our apps ensure efficiency through out your business.

Save money

Paper and other resources can cause a business to spend huge amounts of money on waisted materials. Our apps can be used over and over and over again.

No human error

Human error can cause a business to loose money, time or relationships. Apps help to eliminate human error. We have checks in place to ensure all boxes are ticked and all relevant information is collected.

Real-time data

Real-time data is one of the keys to having a profitable business. Information is king. We ensure our apps collect real-time data that is readable by you. Giving you the right information whenever  you need it.

 Is your business ready to become more efficient?

Areas of business we specialise in

We have designed apps for almost every aspect of a business.


Track everything from cctv footage to staff comments about any incidence that may occur in your business until the incident is resolved. Including signatures from staff to ensure honesty is upheld.

Red Flag

Track all small issues that may occur in your business. Including maintenance 

issues, Wifi problems, Power outages. Have the data to ensure an efficient running business.

Staff Attendance

Track not only arrival and departure time of your staff but lunch break duration, smoke break amount and duration, ect. Ensure you have accurate working hours for each staff member.

Staff Visits

Ensure your staff are visiting places they need to as well as amount of time spent at each visit. For example, ensure a regional manager is checking in on their stores or ensure your cleaning crew is visiting every hotel room.

Training and Tests

Track your staff's training schedule as well as scores and time taken during tests. Ensure all your staff are fulfilling training and test requirements/ 

Custom Cloud Based Apps

Every business is different and needs different data to ensure the business is running efficiently. Thats we create custom apps for any business in any industry.

Cross device application

We insure your app can be used across any device.

Although we focus on Android based apps because many of our apps integrate with NFC technology, we are able to create apps on any platform. All app data is able to be accessed from any device because our software is cloud based.

Integration is key

All of our apps have been created to ensure seamless integration with each other.
  • Connect any of our apps to each other

  • Choose which apps suit your business best

  • Integrate our apps with most systems you already have in place

Data that is easy to understand

Individual apps are designed to be easily understood. 
  • Enjoy real time data

  • Access the data on any device

  • Get reports on custom selected date ranges

Development done right. Every time

With a team of highly experienced developers, we have an awesome track record by delivering on time and within budget.


We meet deadlines 

We ensure we give our clients realistic time lines and then stick to them.


Customer satisfaction 

If we start together then we must finish strong together.


Stay within budget

We give accurate 

development and implementation fees from the start. 


On going relationship

Maintenance and follow up are essential values of Empyr Local. 

Together lets make your business more efficient and increase your profit.

Contact us below for customized apps and pricing

Once you submit your information one of our team members will contact your back to better understand your requirements.